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Increasing the impact through TAKE IT UP video-presentations

"The video-presentation made by TAKE IT UP, has been watched by almost 200 persons. It invites viewers to explore the FITT toolbox and share its tools and practices in ICT technology transfer and participate in discussions on LinkedIn ICT Tech Transfer group." Olivier De Cock � FITT partnership.

Recognising that the use of social media for technology transfer collaboration is a very powerful mean, Mr De Cock added that, at IBBT, they have posted the video made by TAKE IT UP on the main page of the FITT website and, thanks to it, i) the FITT toolbox is now easier to be understood, ii) the objective of creating a platform for ICT tech transfer professionals in Europe and beyond has been brought a big step forward again and iii) it is now possible to bring the ICT tech transfer community in Europe to a higher level of collaboration.

Watch the video made by TAKE IT UP for FITT toolbox, download from the Learning Corner section the TAKE IT UP methodology guidelines on How to effectively present your innovation service�and do not forget to watch the TAKE IT UP webinar on How to effectively draw-up a pitch for your innovation service.

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TAKE IT UP is the promotion pillar of the Europe INNOVA initiative, funded by European Commission, DG Enterprise