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VIDEO promoting Eco-Innovation

New ideas on how to promote innovation using video-presentations

Policy efforts in support of Eco-innovation in the EU have become greater and greater and have led to the implementation of a huge variety of instruments. On the other hand, a sound and coherent framework has not been developed yet. ECOLINK+, the horizontal action for overcoming this fragmentation, aims at becoming the reference point to strengthen the Eco-innovation community.

Among its activities, ECOLINK+ will set up the ECOLINK+ 100 Business Club (BC) of eco-innovative companies, providing them with opportunities to network, access services, financial partners and being visible to a community of international investors.

ECOLINK+ will assist European regions strongly believing in eco-innovation, committed in supporting the growth and expansion of local eco-innovative companies and/or in the transformation of traditional manufacturing industries towards a �greener� economy.
Through the organization of 8 trans-regional events, EU regions will have the chance to showcase their best performing companies active in the area of eco-innovation addressing how they can be supported in a regional context and providing them with the opportunity to be selected for the ECOLINK+ BC, gaining EU level visibility, developing business relationships with peers, investors and service providers. BC members will have the privilege of being part of the European excellence in eco-innovation and will be provided with a wide range of high value-added services.

Here are the video from the eco-innovative companies that participated to the ECOLINK+ trans-regional events in Rome (27-28 May 2010) and Vienna (21 September 2010) and joined the ECOLINK+ 100 Business Club.

Click on the name of the company to watch the video.

ECOLINK+ BIC Lazio event, Rome








WIXTA Industries

ECOLINK+ trans-regional event, Vienna

Antro Group

AP Systems




Innovative Mobility

Oeko-Pellets AG


NTS Energie - Und Transportsysteme GmbH (video coming soon!)

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