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VIDEO promoting Eco-Innovation
ECOLINK+ 100 Business Club
Future Needs of Industry and Innovation Support
Road-mapping workshop to examine the efficiency-effectiveness of EU Instruments relating to the future needs of industry
TAKE IT UP to transfer knowledge in Romania
TAKE IT UP can play a crucial role to facilitate the transfer of innovation support services in Romania and to contribute to the National Strategy for Innovation
INSME Association to support TAKE IT UP
The International network for SMEs-INSME has become a knowledge partner of TAKE IT UP

TAKE IT UP - How to effectively present your innovation service - How to make an effective presentation of your innovative service

TAKE IT UP Portfolio of Services and Tools - How to access and exploit the portfolio of services and tools for innovation support developed in Europe

TAKE IT UP Webinar - How to effectively draw-up a pitch for your innovation service

Riga Declaration - Realising the full potential of innovation voucher programmes

TAKE IT UP - TESTING toolkit - Testing novel tools and services for innovation support

TAKE IT UP - TESTING methodology guidelines -
Testing novel tools and services for innovation support

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TAKE IT UP is the promotion pillar of the Europe INNOVA initiative, funded by European Commission, DG Enterprise
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